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Questions for Discussion

for The Stories We Cannot Tell

1)    How did you feel about the character development of Rachel and Katie throughout the novel? Were there specific moments or decisions that significantly shaped their personalities?

2)    The novel explores themes of pregnancy, love, hope, and family. Which theme resonated with you the most, and why?

3)    Both Rachel and Katie face difficult decisions regarding their pregnancies. How did you feel about the choices they made, and did your opinion change as the story progressed?

4)    Discuss the role of the support group in the novel. How did the group dynamic impact Rachel and Katie's decisions and emotional well-being?

5)    The synopsis mentions that the characters uncover surprising connections. What were some of these connections, and how did they contribute to the overall narrative?

6)    The characters come from different cultural and religious backgrounds (Jewish and Catholic). How did their cultural and religious beliefs influence their perspectives on pregnancy, family, and decision-making?

7)    Describe the emotional impact of the novel on you as a reader. Were there specific scenes or passages that resonated with you on a deep emotional level?

8)    How does the novel depict the concept of parenting? Did it challenge or reinforce any preconceived notions you may have had about parenthood?

9)    Consider the title, "The Stories We Cannot Tell." How does it encapsulate the essence of the novel, and what do you think the author is trying to convey through this title?

Questions for Discussion

for After Happily Ever After

  1. Did the story unfold the way you expected? If not, what surprised you?

  2. Which character would you most like to meet?

  3. Which character or characters were most like people you know? Did you feel the characters were relatable?

  4. Did you think the way Maggie reacted to her situation was realistic or over the top? Could you put yourself in her shoes? Did you understand why she made the decisions she made?

  5. Do you think it’s possible to not realize what you are walking into when you move forward with something, even if it’s not in your best interest?

  6. Did you understand Jim’s point of view? Did you feel for him, or did he make you mad?

  7. Which parts of the book stood out to you the most?

  8. What themes did you find in the story? What were the main points you think the author was trying to make? Did you find symbolic moments in the way Gia was with Maggie and Maggie was with her own mother?

  9. What did you think about the ending? Did you think it was realistic or disappointing? How would you rather have the story end?

  10. How do you picture Maggie and Jim’s lives after the story ended?

  11. What would you change if the book were turned into a movie? Who would you cast in the parts of the main characters?

  12. Did this book change the way you think about anything? Did you learn anything new?

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