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Leslie A. Rasmussen is the award-winning author of the novel, After Happily Ever After and The Stories We Cannot Tell. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA. She went on to write television comedies for Gerald McRaney, Burt Reynolds, Roseanne Barr, Norm McDonald, Drew Carey, as well as The Wild Thornberrys and Sweet Valley High. After leaving the business to raise her boys, she obtained a master’s degree in nutrition and ran her own business for ten years. Recently, she’s written over twenty essays for Huffington Post, and Maria Shriver, and spoken on panels discussing empowering women in midlife and other women's issues. You can also hear her on NPR talking about her latest book.


Leslie is a member of The Writers Guild of America, as well as Women In Film and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. In her free time, Leslie loves to read, exercise, and hang out with friends. She lives in Southern California and is married and has two sons. Leslie is hard at work on her next novel. 

What I Write:

I have found that most women go through a multitude of similar issues in life. As a mom of two and having been married many years, I have seen this first hand. From the time we are in our thirties, we have experienced both joy and sadness. Whether that’s through finding the right partner, having our heart broken, suffering infertility, or losing a loved one. As we go through life, families go through many changes. Children leave the nest, our parents age, our friendships change, and some marriages end. I write women’s commercial fiction where I delve into the human experience and situations that are relatable to most of us. I want my readers to see themselves or their family or friends in my characters and to realize no matter what they are going through, they aren’t alone. As my background is writing television sitcoms, I also try to find humor in the tough stuff, in fact, those moments are my favorite to write.



EW Live

AFTER HAPPILY EVER AFTER was recommended by Laura Dave on EW Live Online

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